5 Universities to Check Out if You Want to Build a More Sustainable World

If you are anything like us, you are passionate about making the world a better place. Whether you want to work on photovoltaics or waste reduction systems, we know you want to ensure you are getting the education you need.

If you are in high school faced with the daunting task of applying to colleges and universities, you might be overwhelmed with options.

That is why we created this list to showcase some of the best schools out there making waves in sustainability. If you want to make the world a better place through your engineering or science chops, you should not miss this list!

Oregon Institute of Technology

Sustainable Village Night at Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech, as it is commonly referred to, introduced the first 4 year undergraduate program in Renewable Energy Engineering in 2005 to focus on power generation, energy systems design and energy conversion applications. They have since added a Master’s degree program, as well as concurrent degree programs  with electrical engineering and environmental science. Their detailed climate action plan and sustainability plan lays out their objectives, one of which is to be a Carbon Neutral campus by 2050. Oregon Tech’s dedicated Renewable Energy Center focuses on developing clean energy technologies and works with local and statewide partners to incorporate them.

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A Queer Perspective

Pictured: Brittany Bennett, Executive Director of ESW, at the 2017 ESW Annual Conference. Brittany is one of the many queer members of ESW.

ESW is proud of its inclusive and diverse culture, but in the field of engineering at large, the representation with respect to sexual orientation is still quite skewed, despite apparent recent advances. In celebration of the recently concluded Pride Month, we at ESW wanted to share perspectives from some of our LGBT+ members, as young professionals in their field. We put together some questions for them and we’ve shared some of their answers here (different answers separated by blank lines) :


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All-women team making Vancouver more resilient to earthquakes

Vancouver faces a 1-in-5 chance of experiencing a serious earthquake within the next 50 years. Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) student members at the University of British Columbia are working to keep Vancouver citizens safe in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

Students Stephanie Koenig, Emi Webb, Adele Therias, Halina Rachelson and Leah Karlberg are participating in ESW’s Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge (CommUnity) –  an international program that unites college students to collaborate with local organizations on solutions to build local resilience.

The all-women team created the “NeighborHud” to empower community members to prepare for a major earthquake with their neighbors. The structure will not only disseminate resources, first aid and information, but serve as a social meeting point for community members. The “NeighborHud” is designed to engage local residents in community water monitoring and in developing emergency preparedness plans.

The design features solar-powered LEDs for nighttime visibility, filtered water stations from collected rooftop rainfall, and bike generated power for users to charge their cell phones.  

Local artists will be invited to codesign the “NeighborHud” to reflect the ideas and cultural diversity of the community.

Students were inspired to take on earthquake resilience after surveying the lack of preparedness of their own community. Adele Therias states, “It is important that people prepare themselves and their families, but it will be most effective if neighbours support each other.”

CommUnity has been run for two years and have seen the development of 15 innovative solutions to build community resilience. Through the program Adele says that she has met “inspiring community leaders and experts who have shown me the passion, energy and collaboration needed to build resilience.”

You can read more about CommUnity here: https://resilience.eswusa.org/

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ESWcon2017: Recap & Award Winners

During the first weekend in April, over two hundred people gathered in Austin, Texas for a weekend full of speakers, workshops, networking, and fun at the 2017 ESW Annual Conference. This year's conference offered new opportunities for a growing

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ESW's Response to Paris Climate Accord Decision

Last week, President Trump announced that the United States will be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. Here at ESW, we want to take this moment and reflect on our place in the worldwide effort to combat climate change. Our mission, to forge innovative, lasting solutions to local and global sustainability challenges, is more important than ever.

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