Collegiate Chapters

Collegiate Chapter Directory

Are you a natural tinkerer? Have a desire to help those around you? Want to preserve the things you love the most? Are you in college and looking for more like-minded friends? If you answered yes to any of these, consider joining or creating an ESW chapter at your university!

Collegiate chapters provide the perfect opportunity for you as a student to take the technical skills you are developing and apply them to real-world problems affecting your community. We help to empower chapters to make an impact on their campus and act as a sustainability leader to the greater campus community. From technical projects, outreach programs, nature hikes, company tours, and socials, there is something for everyone to get involved. 

Professional Chapters

Professional Chapter Directory

Maybe you've just graduated from involvement with an ESW chapter. Maybe you've been in the workforce for a few years. Maybe you're a senior professional that helped create some of the sustainability-focused jobs in technical fields. In any of these cases, know that ESW's community offers opportunities for you to get involved as a professional.

Professional chapters are a way to work on local projects and meet other sustainability-minded people in your area. Many of our professional chapters also work with local student chapters and provide technical expertise for their projects. They're relatively new, and you can help shape this new part of the community