Good and Great Standing Requirements

Good Standing

A chapter is considered in "Good Standing" if it has paid chapter dues and fulfills all of the following requirements.  If for some reason a chapter falls out of good standing, the Leadership Team will work with them to rectify the situation.  Only chapters in "Good Standing" are eligible for the perks of being an ESW chapter including featured status on our webpage and the ability to apply for funding.

Chapter Dues
ESW works on a chapter dues system, meaning that every year each chapter is responsible for paying one lump sum. In turn, you can register as many students from your school as are willing to fill out the form - it's easier for both sides, and it often means that chapters can request funding from student activities boards.
Dues are invoiced during the fall semester and due by December 31st each school year, though we are happy to work with individual schools to fit local conditions or needs. You can pay chapter dues via this page on our website - either via credit card or via check. We're happy to generate invoices (and the system will do this as well), and you can email any payment problems or questions to

One on One Calls
Chapter Leaders are asked to schedule a One on One call with their Coordinator 3x a school year:  once at the beginning of the academic year, once in the January-February timeframe,  and again at the end. These calls help ESW-Headquarters keep track of your chapter’s growth and help us serve you better. Additional calls can be scheduled given the personal preference of each leader, but we do ask that three calls a year are made.

Officers and Faculty Advisor Registration
To be in good standing, ALL Chapter Officers and ONE Faculty Advisor must be members of ESW.  If a chapter has paid dues and updated the Annual Report, the Faculty Advisor is automatically enrolled in ESW as a professional member.  To register for paid membership or renew an expired membership, please Click Here.

Annual Report
Chapter Leaders must fill out an Annual Report between May and December. The report includes information about the stats of your chapter, chapter leader contact information, and project updates. Chapter Leaders will receive an email in April about containing information about the Annual Report.

Projects Database
Chapters must fill out a description of at least half of their projects to the Project Directory. This is to keep the Project Directory robust and up to date so that it is useful for chapters.  Entries can be uploaded here.

Great Standing

Ten Registered Members / 2%
To qualify under this requirement, the chapter needs 10 members, or 2% of the technical students on campus, whichever is lower (and not inclusive of the eboard). We suggest setting up a laptop at a general body meeting and passing it around - chapter registration is free and pretty painless.

Website in Compliance
A chapter is not required to have a website to be a part of ESW. If you don't want to or can't create a website locally, ESW-Headquarters is happy to help you build out a basic page on our national site that you will have total control over (basically, you can expand your Chapter Directory profile to include additional static pages and link it all together). If a chapter does have a local website the following rules must be followed:

  • It must use an appropriate ESW logo and color scheme (for more information, please consult the ESW Branding Guidelines)
  • It must have correct URL links to the ES-Headquarters website (
  • If applicable, it must reference the correct ESW mission and vision statement, which can be found at Mission & Vision.

Projects Database
To qualify for Great Chapter Standing, chapters must have all of their projects for the year in the Project Directory.  Entries can be uploaded here. 

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