K-12 Educational Outreach Materials 

These projects are specifically designed for chapters to introduce their local school to engineering!  Click on the title of the project to view lesson plans. 

AutoCAD Houses

Middle School

Students get a crash course in AutoCAD before being handed their client sheets and tasked with designing an environment-appropriate house!

#infrastructure #AutoCAD #drafting 


Biodiesel Debate

High School

Go head to head in a debate over the pros and cons of biofuels in this reading-intensive lesson plan.


#energy #resources #debate


Carbon Footprint

Grade 4-6 

Estimate your carbon footprint using this website and create a plan for reducing your carbon footprint.


#energy #pollution #math


Design a City

Middle School

Play around with this fun website and try your hand at creating the most sustainable city.

#urbanism #cities #game


Electro Magnet

Grade 9-12

In this lesson plan students learn how turbines convert mechanical energy to electricity.  



Hydroponics Activity

Middle School

Students will learn how food plays an important role in building a more sustainable world.

#food #urbanagriculture


Super Energy Apocalypse Game

Middle School

Play an action-packed game all while learning about energy resources and scarcity. 

#energy #game

Walk the Neighborhood

Grades: 4-6

Take a guided tour of your neighborhood to understand whose needs are being met.



Water Footprint 

Grades: 6-9

Investigate how much water you use on a daily basis and develop a plan for conserving water.

#water #conservation #math



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