ESW's Mentorship Program
Providing both professional and technical support for our student members

ESW connects our members with professionals with various levels of experience from industries in engineering, sustainability, and more! Mentors provide assistance or critiques on technical projects, advise on leadership skills, resume and cover letter reviews, and mock interviews.

How It Works

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  • Mentors Apply to the Program

    Program mentors will be added to the ESW website. Prospective mentees will be able to see their names, a short bio, and their ESW affiliation.

  • Students ask for support

    Through an online form, mentees can request help for project critiques, technical support, leadership guidance and professional development. Through their form, mentees will provide ESW their name and educational status and describe what kind of help they need. Documents may be uploaded as applicable.

  • ESW matches students with mentors

    Based on the request forms, ESW will reach out to three mentors. These selections will be done based on similarity in industries or areas of interest, and the mentor’s current availability.

  • Mentors respond

    Within 3 business days from receiving the request, mentors will respond indicating their ability to be of assistance. An affirmative response indicates the mentor’s agreement to respond to the mentee within 7 days. Each mentee will be assigned to their first eligible mentor, and other prospective mentors will be informed immediately.

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